It is very ugly and painful to have nail fungus. There are many people affected by this condition. There are many factors that cause fungus infection like the wearing of shoes for long hours, poor hygiene, reactions to nail polish, and even injuries. It is very frustrating to have this condition. You don't want to wear anything that will expose your nails like wearing flip flops, sandals, slippers, and other open shoes. It will be embarrassing also to get a pedicure. You are hindered from going to a foot spa. 

The good news is there is a cure to this problem and there are good toenail fungus treatment over the counter that you can actually use. So when a person gets fungus infection these are the things they can do. 

Using home materials, you can actually make a home remedy from recipes and mixtures that you can follow. Using Vicks vapor rub is one of them. In this mixture there is menthol that gets rid of the bacteria in the affected nail. The only thing you need to do is apply it directly onto the infected nail a few times a day. You can also use apple cider vinegar. This ingredient can actually cure many diseases. It works best with bacteria and infection. You can also treat nail fungus by using tee tree oil. The enzymes in this oil will prevent the bacteria from spreading. 

You can also use oral medication that you can take before the nail fungus infection spreads. These are over the counter drugs that you can easily purchase. They are anti bacterial agents that will kill the bacteria from the inside. This will also help to prevent the spread of bacteria to other parts of your body. Watch this video at for more details about nail fungus treatments. 

Topical ointments are often used in curing nail fungus problems. They are made from antibacterial ingredients and medicines that kill bacteria or fungi on the nails. You can also get these ointments over the counter from drug stores. You can ask the pharmacist for assistance to help you get the most effective zetaclear treatment for you nail fungus. 


The best nail fungus treatment is nail removal. When the nails are affected directly, there is very little chance that it can still change the damaged nail and bring it back to its normal appearance. The best thing to do is to remove the entire nail so it will grow back into a healthy nail again. It can be painful but to remove the pain, try to cut the nails little by little until there is nothing left of it. It will make a new nail to grow without the fungi.